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Babe Ruth

(Photo by Chris Stride ©)

Subject(s): Babe Ruth
Sport: Baseball

Location: National Baseball HOF Museum, Cooperstown, NY
Unveiled: 1/8/1984
Sculptor: Armand LaMontagne
Material: Wood
Status: In Situ

Plaque [shared with adjacent Ted Williams statue]: Babe Ruth, 1984. Ted Williams, 1985. Armand LaMontagne (b. 1939). basswood sculptures. Babe Ruth loan from the collection of Jane Forbes Clark. Ted Williams donated by Mrs. Jean R. Yawkey. These sculptures were each carved by Armand LaMontagne of North Scituate, Rhode Island, from one piece of laminated basswood. Everything you see here is wood. There is no cloth, leather or stone. Please do not touch.

Links: Sculptor Project

(Photo by R W Sinclair ©)

(Photo by Richard Doss ©)

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