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Matias Almeyda

(Photo by Manuel Chamorro ©)

Subject(s): Matias Almeyda
Sport: Football

Location: CA River Plate (Club Museum), Estadio Monumental, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Unveiled: 10/3/2013
Sculptor: Elizabeth Eichhorn
Material: Bronze and Resin
Status: In Situ

Plaque: [club badge] Agradecemos a MATIAS JESUS ALMEYDA Por su entrega y amor brindadas al Club como jugador y técnico. Idea y Organización: MAIDANA ARIEL, SALCEDO ROBERTO, TELESA GREGORIO (GORE). ESCULTORA: ELIZABETH EICHHORN 2012. Agradecimientos: AL PTE. DANIEL ALBERTO PASSARELLA, VICE PTE., DIEGO TURNES, DANIEL BRAVO Y MANUEL DIAZ RAMOS. Aportantes [list of donors].
Translation: [club badge] We thank MATIAS JESUS ALMEYDA for the devotion and the love he gave the club as a player and manager. Idea and Organization: MAIDANA ARIEL, ROBERTO SALCEDO, TELESA GREGORIO (GORE). SCULPTOR: ELIZABETH EICHHORN 2012. Acknowledgements: TO THE PRESIDENT DANIEL ALBERTO PASSARELLA, VICE-PRESIDENT DIEGO TURNES, DANIEL BRAVO AND MANUEL DIAZ RAMOS. Contributors [list of donors]

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(Photo by Manuel Chamorro ©)

(Photo by Elizabeth Eichhorn ©)

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